We can help you to reach your target.
26 million gamers can’t be wrong.

Pipoca Vfx is a creative animation studio focused in the production of digital films for the video game industry. With more than 26 million views on Youtube, our videos reach a wide audience of gamers, both casual and hardcore.

Our mission is to engage people through stories that entertain and amuse them, using videogame storytelling.

Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you, whether you are an indie developer, a specialized gaming site or a huge studio.

Insert coin and press start.


What we do.

Game trailers, cinematic, spots. Almost anything related to games and animation. Our creative, young, energetic and passionate team can create, co-create, write, co-write, produce, co-produce, develop and co-develop any solution in digital films for, basically, any kind of games, no matter how big or small.

Winner of Machinima Interactive Film Festival 2012.

Winner of Notodo Film Festival 2012.

Official Selection XVI 5 Minutes National Festival 2014.


Numbers and target profile FTW!

Over 26 million views - More than the whole population of Australia. To work with us is to reach the world. Top locations ordered by views - EUA - Brazil - Japan - Mexico - France - Poland - Canada - UK - Spain.
1 million views per video on average. - With just $0 spent in media buying.
30.247.724 estimated minutes watched - About 45 years.
Yeah, you would take around 45 fu***ng years to watch everything we have produced.
You know, boys just wanna have fun. - 80% male and 23.5 years is our average age.


Ready? Set. Go!

Ready? Set. Go!
Now that you know a lot about us, let the game begin. Watch our demo reel and get ready to be surprised. GL. HF.